Review: The Miniaturist

The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton

Genres: Historical Fiction, Mystery

Publisher: Ecco, 2014

Format: Hardback, 433 pages

From The Bookworm’s Corner:
This book has gotten an incredible amount of hype, and I was excited to see this under the Christmas tree. I’m a never-fully-recovered dollhouse enthusiast (The Doll People by Anne M. Martin & Laura Godwin was my jam growing up), so the idea of a mysterious miniature house intrigued me. I read most of this on an eleven-hour plane ride, and reading it took me into a different world and made me forget that I was in a metal tube in the sky.

The book has a slow start, but if you keep powering through it is more than worth it. The writing is just drop-dead gorgeous, and I loved envisioning the world of 1600s Amsterdam, the “Golden Age” of that country. The characters were intriguing and the plot well-paced.

I did see the first major plot twist coming from a mile away, but the second plot twist I didn’t see coming at all. I love when authors catch me by surprise and I end up putting the book down for a moment and saying, “NO!” There is one central mystery that never fully gets resolved, which is a little disappointing, but I got so wrapped up in the story that I didn’t mind all that much.

In short, I found this book exciting and fun to read. If you’re a historical fiction nut, then get on this one right away.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars


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